Starting Your Business

Are you ready to expand your entrepreneurship and take it to greater heights? Umbrella Club facilitates business growth for its members from contracting to business leadership.

We Help You Achieve Your Entrepreneur Goals In Three Phases

Umbrella Club connects high-calibre IT contractors with clients, while also fostering a community for contractors to manage risks and grow professionally as entrepreneurs and business owners.

We do this in three specific phases which are designed to suit our members at various stages of their entrepreneurship. We have developed these phases to empower our members and to ensure there are no limits to what they can achieve as part of the Umbrella Club community.

How It Works

1. All round contractor

You will learn about acquisition, pricing, contracting, personal branding as well as financials

2. Experienced Entrepreneur

You can develop a business proposition combined with tried and tested selling solutions

3. Successful business leader

You can build a scalable business complete with a business plan based on market research

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We Support Your Journey As An Entrepreneur With Several Member Benefits

Umbrella Club is committed to providing independent contractors with the safety net they need to take those next big steps in business.

Our three phases of entrepreneurship allow us to guide you on your business path with customised learning programs amd services to set you up for career success.