Our Clients

Umbrella Club connects clients with experienced IT professionals who are equipped to achieve great results for their business.

Professional IT Solutions for Australian Businesses

Partnering with leading, global companies and brands, Umbrella Club boasts a group of members who are equipped to act as an employee within a business – without the commitment and cost of having an in-house IT expert.

Our role is to connect clients with the best candidate to meet their business needs – one who has the knowledge, skills, experience and the independent mindset to get the job done.

Meet the Founders

Walter Buter

Founder and CEO

Walter is the Founder and CEO of Umbrella Club. Walter previously built a successful IT company, InWork, with more than 800 employees. His secret to success is to build professional but also personal relationships within his network. By doing so, people seek to do long term business with Walter and of course, his members. Walter is eager to help our members find the most interesting projects for the best fee as part of the Umbrella Club community.

Arno Commandeur


As co-founder of Umbrella Club, Arno brings his valuable experience from his time as CEO and owner of several companies. During this time, Arno developed a deep appreciation for the power of communities of independent professionals. When individual contractors band together – the rewards are great! Together with Walter Buter, Arno now brings a new kind of community to Australia as Umbrella Club.