I Am Already A Contractor

We welcome IT professionals (already in the contracting space) to join our community.

Are you Looking for Continuity as an Established Contractor?

Do you want to be part of a club that facilitates your professional and financial growth? If you are already in the independent contracting space, you will be familiar with the downside of going it alone. This may include struggling to find work, getting paid, managing the administrative side of your business.

Umbrella Club takes the headache and stress out of contract negotiating, following up invoices, and dealing directly with clients.

Expand your Network, Opportunities and Enjoy Stress-Free Contracting

In addition to the typical benefits of contracting IT work, we offer our members the security of continuity and career development. As part of something truly innovative in IT, we are committed to supporting your career journey.

If you are ready to level up your skillset, be part of a new movement in the IT industry, and take a step towards a stress-free way of working for yourself, please consider becoming an Umbrella Club community member.

How It Works

1. All round contractor

You will learn about acquisition, pricing, contracting, personal branding as well as financials

2. Experienced Entrepreneur

You can develop a business proposition combined with tried and tested selling solutions

3. Successful business leader

You can build a scalable business complete with a business plan based on market research