I Am Thinking About Becoming A Contractor

We help IT professionals ease into the world of independent contracting with support and security.

Umbrella Club: Less Risk. More Reward!

As an independent contractor you are faced with many challenges. How do you know what to charge, and how do you find new work when a contract ends? There are also the time consuming tasks of invoicing, chasing payments and monotonous administrative duties.

Umbrella Club offers the best of both worlds; as a member you have the freedom and income of an entrepreneur, with the benefits and peace of mind of an employee.

Enjoy the Security of Regular Work, Income and Career Growth

We believe that an IT professional truly excels when they take control of their own career path. As an independent professional you can make the best decisions to enhance personal skills, experience and income.

Here’s where Umbrella Club comes in. When independent professionals work together as part of a community they can have the best of both worlds. Consider joining Umbrella Club and feel at ease with taking those next big steps into the contracting world.

How It Works

1. All round contractor

You will learn about acquisition, pricing, contracting, personal branding as well as financials

2. Experienced Entrepreneur

You can develop a business proposition combined with tried and tested selling solutions

3. Successful business leader

You can build a scalable business complete with a business plan based on market research