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How to Join Umbrella Club

If you are an IT professional and you are interested in joining Umbrella Club, please contact us via our contact form. From here we will schedule an appointment so we can get to know each other.

Getting to Know you:

We want to know who you are, what your knowledge and competencies are, and what ambitions and expectations you have for becoming an independent contractor.

In this meeting we take you through our benefits and services in further detail, as well as our next steps.


Qualifying our Members:

Umbrella Club is an exclusive club for qualified professionals only. Being a member of Umbrella Club is a proof of quality for our clients. To keep our club exclusive and to control the quality of our members, our members are included in the recruitment process through peer to peer assessment.

Joining Umbrella Club:

Once you successfully qualify to join Umbrella Club we help you officially onboard as a member and a contractor through our three step Entrepreneur Program:

Step 1:

In the first step we will walk you through the ins and outs of contracting. We will guide you through the legal and fiscal steps you must take to become a sole trader. Then, we help you get your first clients.

We will teach you how to profile yourself as a personal brand so potential clients seek to work directly with you. You will also learn the art of finding clients, successful intakes, and fee negotiation.

Step 2:

Once you are an experienced contractor you may uncover an ambition to undertake more business initiatives and seek to become a seasoned entrepreneur.

In this second step of our program, you will learn how you can develop your own business proposition. This might be for a typical fixed price project, a course, or maybe you have developed an App that you want to sell?

Step 3:

The final step in our Entrepreneur Program is where you will learn to build a scalable business. You will perform market research, develop a business plan and may even expand your team with employees.

This is where you step into your own as a true entrepreneur, equipped with the knowledge and skills to take your career to the highest heights.

In each step we will be right there for you. Because we are an entrepreneurs’ club. We are Umbrella Club!